12 Gauge Bling Jewelry

I am always looking for new and unique designs for my jewelry. A few weeks ago I came across a necklace blank and a bracelet blank that instantly gave me an idea for some new pieces…

They can be purchased (HERE) and (HERE). I think they are both fun and unique pieces!

I love dreaming up new ideas for my jewelry and also doing custom orders for people. Sometimes people come to me with a shotgun shell or a bullet that has a lot of sentimental meaning for them. I’ve had bullets that have been used to shoot their first deer or elk, and I’ve also had shotgun shells that were shot by a loved one who has since passed. I am honored to be able to make something for them that they can wear everyday and either relive special memories or help hold the memory of a loved one near.

To check out the rest of my jewelry checkout my facebook page or visit my Etsy store: ShElliott’s Creations


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