Wear My Baby

About a year and a half ago, when Logan was about 4 months old, I bought a used Moby Wrap off a garage sale sight. I had seen them advertised on the Internet and my sister in law uses one and I thought they looked pretty cool. I mean, how hard could it be? It’s just a long piece of fabric you wrap around yourself and the babe… 

So, I tried it one time when we were shopping. Logan hated it, he screamed as soon as I put him in it and then didn’t calm down until I took him out of it. Needless to say, it got packed away and hasn’t seen daylight since. 

Fast forward to present time. Krew, baby boy #3 is 3.5 months old. I got a new Moby at his baby shower and let me tell you, that thing is a necessity. I decided to try it out a little while after I got it, but before I did anything I read the instruction booklet front-to-back and then watched multiple YouTube videos on how to properly use it. 

We got it to work this time! Krew loves it! Sometimes it is the only way I can get him to take a nap. By the time you have more babies than arms/hands Babywearing absolutely comes in handy. 

If Krew isn’t tired he will just enjoy the ride and watch the world go by. But if he is sleepy, he will be out for the count in no time! 

It also makes grocery shopping so much easier! If I didn’t use it when shopping I would need two carts, one for babies and one for food. 😂 But with the Moby then Logan can sit in the cart and Bridger can walk with me or ride in the front. So much easier than pushing one cart and pulling another. Or having Bridger (who is only 3) push a small cart, we tried that once and it was quite the experience. Pretty entertaining for those shopping with us that day, race car sounds and all. 

I really love my Moby but there are a few downsides. Mine is black, and it is so hot! They say the wrap can go up to 35lbs but Krew is just under 20lbs and it doesn’t feel as secure as it used to. A lot of other baby wearing mamas have said that the Moby is perfect for the newborn stage but not so great after that. Plus there is really only one way to wear your baby, which is on your tummy, whether it’s tummy to tummy or back to tummy so they can see in front of you. 

Woven wraps on the other hand are so much more versatile, you can do front, back, or hip carries. They aren’t stretchy like a Moby so there isn’t really a weight limit besides what you are comfortable with. There are different lengths for different types of carries and different sized mamas. I just ordered my first woven wrap off of a BST page of Facebook and I’m so excited for it to get here so I can use it!! 


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