3 Months

      Our sweet baby boy turned 3 months old yesterday! It feels like it’s been so much longer than 3 months since he was born. And I mean that in the best way!! He is so sweet and always happy and smiley! It is hard to remember life without all 3 of our boys. 

Krew has slept through the night 4 times now. Not consecutive nights and also just totally random. Two of the nights were when he was about 2 months old and the other two nights were just last week. But I’m not complaining because he doesn’t cry when he wakes during the night to eat and then he goes right back to sleep! 

I’m just so thankful to get to be a mommy to my 3 boys. So blessed that God chose me to be theirs! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for each of their futures. Ok, I can totally wait, j don’t wanna make this growing up thing happen any faster than it already does. But I just know someday their daddy and I will be so proud of the men they become!! 


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